Meeting Topic Suggestions

I'm not sure how many people read this forum vs. being subscribed to the CINLUG mailing list. But on it I'm trying to start a discussion about what presentations would be nice to see this year. (And maybe find volunteers willing to give talks.)



Have you considered having a Cryptoparty ( at one or more of the meetings?


I hadn't heard of Cryptoparty until you mentioned it.  It definitely sounds like a good idea for a meeting.


Great! I would really like to 'get more smart' on the various ways to protect oneself, digitally. Please let me know if you decide to set one up at a meeting. Thanks.

Possible 2012 topics

Arranging for a presention on Apache UIMA, a natural language processing tool from IBM that is part of the Watson system that was seen playing Jeporday earlier this year.
Another board member is arranging a VOIP on AWS presentation.
I've heard that the lack of web-site activity has led some to think CINLUG isn't active. I thought posting some comments on the behind the scenes planning would help counter the impression that nothing is going on.

Bristol and JACK

My gig at Lilly ended right before Thanksgiving, and I have since moved back to Dayton.  That's why I haven't been to recent meetings.
One of the things I'm doing with Linux for fun is electronic sound and music synthesis, using the Bristol software synthesizer emulator, and the JACK Audio connection kit.  Right now, I don't know JACK.  :-)  Once I figure it out, I hope to come back to Indy and give a talk and/or demo.
And maybe we can work on this being a joint meeting with the Indianapolis Electronic Music Group (IEMG).