Gazing from the Field


I'm a new Linux guy here in Indy and I've been watching around this page for a couple of months. I guess I'm wondering, what's up with this LUG. Seeing how that's about the most general, weak question I could possibly ask, that's good enough for me.


Re: Gazing from the Field

That's a fair enough question. I realize you don't see much activity on the web site. If a question arises, someone tries to answer it but I haven't seen as much activity as I used to. In my opinion, that's because of the work schedules of most of our members.

However, we get a decent turnout at meetings (between 10-20) and a lot of questions and comments tend to happen using "low tech speech". :)

Hopefully, you can attend a future meeting. We have some good presentations planned and I find it useful to talk to other Linux users.