Linux certs must have

On both a professional and personal level, I would like to find the best linux certs there are and see about getting them. My company is even willing to foot the bill on a few things, but at first I am on my own. That said, I don't want to spend a huge ammount of money on thjis process if possible, and having classes/exams nearby would be a plus.

Does anyone have any advice on where to start on this?


Re:Linux certs must have

Like I posted in the meeting topics, I too would like a longer discussion/presentation on this topic. The only one I've sort of looked into is LPI

1st you have to register at LPI then find a testing site and register. has locations in Indy:
New Horizons Computer Learning Center 317-575-7600 Carmel
ExecuTrain of Indianapolis 317-574-7057 Keystone Crossing
TechSkills LLC 317-251-4600 Keystone Crossing
MSD of Pike Township 317-387-2578

That's what I know. Funny I found all that information and didn't get certified...I think I need a push.

Also here is a link with some sample exams and study guides and such: