suggestions for meeting topics

I need to learn more about RPM, source compiling, bin files etc. Thanks


Re:suggestions for meeting topics

X-Terminal installation and operation. That is a topic I would like to see and talk about.

Currently have 3 pieces of antiquated SUN gear, and looking to use them to give me my desktop to my Linux server. No hard drives in the SUN's. No local disk access of any kind.

Currently still mostly playing with it. Haven't gotten one of them to actually boot properly yet. But it would be a great show of power for an *NIX OS. It was originally written, IIRC, to be ran off a single system (read mainframe) with many serial based terminals.

Now if only there were software available that could help me figure out, once booted, how to push sound events, etc, to the terminal level instead of all happening at the server.