Linux PDC and PPP help

I have a RH7 Server set up as a suedo PDC. The samba version is 2.0.7. I have ALL Windows 2000 Pro clients. This issue is they do not get authenticated. They logon to the PC fine. Just not the domain. Any suggestions? Second issue is I have PPP server setup. When users dial in they only connect at 16.8k. It is a 56K modem and the speed in the /etc/inittab is set to 115200. Any reason why it connects so slowly?


Re:Linux PDC and PPP help

It sounds like your client machines aren't part of your domain. If they are, then I would check the samba logs and see if they're hitting the domain controller (I would also check the logs to make sure samba thinks it's a domain controller). If a windows machine is running as a domain member, a user should never really log on the the local machine, but rather through the domain controller.

Your modem issue could be a number of things. If you're using an external modem, the speed of 115200 in inittab is for the com port speed, not the modem speed. You may need a spiffy AT string to acheive top speed. If the modem is internal, you might have a crummy phone line (or be in need of a spiffy AT string).