Debian-MIPS port...... Where are the ISO s

if anyone closer to the source or more comfortable with Debians Distribution system want to point me in the right direction... I Really need a copy of the Debian-MIPS port for an SGI Indy I've recently aquired. Please get back to me. Thanks Lars


Re:Debian-MIPS port...... Where are the ISO s

SGI machines (SGI Indy and Indigo2) are big-endian which is debian-mips. lists the preferred method for getting the CDs. On a Debian system, install jigdo-file from Debian unstable or download jigdo from the jigdo site and run jigdo-lite. When prompted, enter as the location of the .jigdo file.

Re:Debian-MIPS port...... Where are the ISO s

Umm. Hope you have a lonnnnng weekend. This looks challenging! You may have already found the following links. Looks like you download most of it from the net once you have network settings working. That's not unusual for Debian with Apt-Get. I've done 1-CD ISO installs that way on Intel and it took a long time to get stuff even with a partial T1. Download what you need, you can always get it later. Good luck! Here's a mirror of ISO's - I think this is for Indy? First two or three CDs are probably enough.