Red Hat Tour - Indianapolis Stop

So their is a Red Hat Tour going on, and these four guys are running across the nation, short on time and looking for something that can not be found.

So .... does anyone else have the Carmen Sandiego song stuck in their head now?

Where in the world is [b][i]Red Hat Sandiego[/i][/b]

Seriously, though. I've downloaded and installed Red Hat 8.0 on a testing system here at work, and a testing system at home. My first impression with the new version is very nice. Who is going to be showing up at this tour from Indy and CINLUG?

They aren't going to be giving out copies of 8.0 Professional are they?


Re:Red Hat Tour - Indianapolis Stop

Max and Ermas on 86th Street in Castleton at 1PM...... I will be there!!!!

Re:Red Hat Tour - Indianapolis Stop

I contacted Red Hat about stopping in Indy and plan on attending the event.