Any interest in a Indy Linux fest?

I've been wondering how big the Indy linux community is? Seems like there are small struggling pockets of users and groups scattered through out the area. I'd like to see a large central event to help pull the linux community here together. Invite software companies, user groups from the state, Chicago, Ohio, and St. Louis ect. Is anyone interested in talking about it? contacting some of these groups to see if there is any interest? It would be good to just get these groups together to talk about it.


Re:Any interest in a Indy Linux fest?

Indiana University has hosted a LinuxFest each spring for the past few years. They alternate between Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. I believe Spring 2003 will be at IUPUI. Perhaps piggy-backing on this makes sense.

I attended the spring 2001 LinuxFest at IUPUI. There were a few technical talks, and a half-day exhibition featuring some hardware and software suppliers. The participation back then was a little disappointing.

With several major corporations in Indy (including 2 Fortune 500 ones that I am familiar with) seriously looking at Linux now, participation by corporate employees will be much easier to secure than in the past.

Glad to help with an Indy LinuxFest.