Linux World (Jan 2003) anyone?

Anyone in Indy planning on attending LinuxWorld in New York in Jan 2003? There is a 50% chance I will be there, and would like to network with other Indy folks. Perhaps also report to CINLUG as to what was hot and what wasn't. I attended the Jan 2002 LinuxWorld in New York. The exhibit area was excellent, the keynotes were great (especially Carly Fiorina [HP CEO] and Sanjay Kumar [CA CEO]). The breakout sessions were very disappointing. I would recommend getting an Exbibition pass, if you are trying to economize, since that will get you into the exhibition and the keynotes. What it won't get you into is the breakout sessions, and you know what my impression of those are. Ram


Re:Linux World (Jan 2003) anyone?

Wrote the last reply too soon. Plans changed. I am headed to New York tomorrow (Wednesday), and plan to spend all day Thursday at LinuxWorld and fly back Thursday night. Any one else planning to be there?


Re:Linux World (Jan 2003) anyone?

Well, it doesn't look I am going to make it this time. We will have to rely on some Progeny guys who attend to update us on LinuxWorld

Re:Linux World (Jan 2003) anyone?

I signed up for the exhibits (free if you sign up in advance). Not sure if I'm actually going to attend, but pretty sure I won't. You still thinking about attending?