No Computer Left Behind, Inc

Hello, all. I am new to the group and am hoping to get some great ideas and support by being part of the group.

My name is Chris Livesay and I have a NFP organization called 'No Computer Left Behind, Inc.' The org is based in Crawfordsville. I have been working with John Crooks at VSP and know that you have had an installfest at his location. Our organizations are very similar. In my case, I am working with schools to identify children who do not have a PC at home. My approach is to impact people one on one.

Due to lack of funds for the organization, I started looking at Linux in Dec '03. I am not a developer but have a strong aptitude for PC's. I started teaching myself and earlier this year got to the point of being able to do custom remasters of Knoppix. I created a custom OS I called NCLB Linux based off of Feather Linux. The biggest challenge for John and myself is getting a good OS running on old computers. I think I am accomplishing this goal. My current remaster has two flavors, one with OpenOffice for PII PC's with at least 128mb of physical ram and one with Siag Office for the PI's with 32mb. VSP is currently using this software on some of their PC's.

My remasters are no way near perfect but they are a start. I am actually considering revamping to a Damn Small Linux base with a frugal install utilizing the mydsl repository. I didn't use that originally because of the name of the OS...wasn't good for giving to children and it also wasn't as polished as it is now. John Andrews has since revised things to remove the reference to "Damn Small" within the distro. I have a great network of long distance supporters but would really like to become an active member of a local group.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy of my remaster, just shoot me an email

I hope working with John and myself would be something that many of you would be interested in doing. As our organizations expand, it would be great if local LUGS took on having training seminars for new Linux users. I hope to create thousands of them myself! :D


Chris Livesay


Re: No Computer Left Behind, Inc

Another small OS worth taking a look at is SLAX.
It has a feature of building modules as add-ons, and if you find a configuration you like you can include the module(s) on your install disk.

The base install is less than a small CD 210M, and it includes KDE and KOffice:
Linux Kernel 2.4.28-pre4 with SATA support 6.8.1
KDE 3.3.1
KOffice 1.3.3
KDE games
MPlayer 1.0pre5 with KPlayer
kopete ICQ/AIM/Y!/IRC
midnight commander
rdesktop (rscp in KDE)
hotplug support
k3b burning GUI for KDE
mutt email client

Welcome to the LUG, and we'll see you next month.