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What would be nice is if we could have maybe some kind of newbie session that could give small howtos. For example, how to set up an ssh server, ftp server, samba server, etc.

Granted yes we do cover these topics through the meetings every so often, but it would be really nice for newbies (like me) to learn just the basics because for 1 more people will see the benefit of Linux and 2 bring the newbies up to speed quicker, then they can do their own research afterwords in order to setup more complex things. Somthing like this could be at the end of the meeting and take like 15 mins or so.

Anyway something to think about to help people get started a little better and hopfully increase attendance.


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I'm stuck here at work!!! You guys are having the meeting tonight... Any chance you guys are going to start podcasting it or vidcasting it? I would love to be able to watch the meetings after work.

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Cool - thanks for making those Dave. I've got a color printer and will pick up some name tags.

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The board is considering an all newbies Q/A session for January. Please use this thread on this forum to comment/suggest how you think this topic should be run/handled. I suggested to the board that we definitely need a person to facillitate the discussion or it could easily get off track.

Perhaps we could hand out stickers at the door for people to write their names upon. The stickers could be different colors representing your Linux experience level, like Red=Beginner, Yellow=Advanced, Green=Expert, or we could use different tuxes, like baby tux, regular tux, and super tux...denoting that you are a 10th level priest of Linus with a +3 hammer of windows smiting!

If someone has a color printer and card stock for stick on name can use these templates I made...posted on our Gallery:

(See the last 4 images in the gallery, Linux Newbie, Linux Basic User, Linux Advanced User, Linux Expert User)

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[quote="db"]If we don't have another topic in Jan, maybe we can do this. Merry Christmas![/quote] Sounds like a plan to me. I've got some contacts with vendors for possible presenters but they probably need more lead time than we have for our January meeting.

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If we don't have another topic in Jan, maybe we can do this. Merry Christmas!

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anything come of this?
I'd like to know.. I would love to attend.

Come on, come all

Judging by the response to this weekend's server boot camp, I'll bet an all-newbies workshop could be done quarterly. Or maybe there could be a parallel meeting offered at the same time as the other meeting *every* month.

As the Linux momentum builds, more and more individuals will be curious but probably not brave enough to attend a session devote to Secure Linux, for example. A regular newbies session would pave the way for these people to get into it quickly and establish contact with the CINLUG community.

I'm personally very excited by this idea...

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I would love to see an all newbies meeting! I need help and info to get started. Something like that would be great!

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That, alone, would well be worth my drive from Crawfordsville! I wanted to attend the last meeting but the topic was about something that I had never heard of before so I wasn't sure I would even understand any of it. If a mini howto session was included, that would be very helpful for me.