Bulk ethernet supplies?

Where's the best place to buy to buy cable, jacks, etc., in bulk or contractor packs? It's ridiculous to buy consumer packaged stuff when you want to install a dozen jacks (do the entire house).

Kim suggested a cabling party, which I think would be great once I can afford the raw materials. I wouldn't expect help with the whole job, but doing a few to get me started would be extremely helpful.

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Re:Bulk ethernet supplies?

Excellent! Thanks!!!

Re:Bulk ethernet supplies?

Locally, I go to [url=http://www.cablemaster.com]CableMaster[/url], [url=http://www.kirbyrisk.com]KirbyRisk[/url], [url=http://www.graybar.com]GrayBar[/url], or [url=www.wiresupplies.com]WireSupplies[/url]

There are also deals to be found online but most of the time I order cabling supplies locally.

Re: Bulk ethernet supplies?

http://www.cablestogo.com has good prices on cables.

http://www.cablewholesale.com might, although I haven't tried it.