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Anyone know of a very cheap (or reliable FREE) solution to my webhosting problem at home. I would really like a place where I can put [u]all[/u] my web stuff. I have Road Runner and they only give you 5M. I may be moving this year and may or may not be able to have Road Runner, and if that's the case will have to move my files. I have some space at (problem here is you can't just put a file there and have it served up from another location...i.e. you must only reference files on that server from that server). I have some space at, and the ads aren't bad but I've had to change IDs because they accidentally blew them away and won't provide service unless you pay...and if they are as careless with the pay stuff as the free stuff then stuff 'em. Plus they don't allow certain file types...namely zip files and tar balls. I have used some space on this server, but I'd really like to find a good solution to have all my stuff in one spot. I've looked at and that is the cheapest I've seen which includes domain registration [u]and[/u] web-hosting in a single package at $4.95 per month. If I went this route I'd have email, ftp, 250M www, php, mysql, etc. all in one package. That'd be about $60/year, but if I can find a cheap web hosting solution I can live with using gmail or for email then I could junk a bunch of IDs and simplify. Any suggestions from you fine folks?


Re: What do I need?

You have to pay for a "business class" internet connection from bright house to allow you to run a web server. I have run apache on mine, but if they caught me I think I might get charged more. Except I ran it on a different port than 80, and they most likely wouldn't have caught it. I also have run sshd and am able to login to my linux machine over the internet.

What do I need?

I have a couple of domains I'd like to be able to host myself, mostly so I could have PHP and MySQL capacity. Otherwise, I'd probably stick with my current free host ( Having had zero experience in running a server, what do I need? I have cable modem service through BrightHouse, and a spare 500MHz computer running Debian Sarge, with 256MB of RAM and a 10 GB HDD. I dunno what BrightHouse's policy is on servers. Neither site is liable to generate a lot of traffic (I think...). One would be a personal site/blog/family photo thing (, and the other one a review space for bass guitar gear ( - T.

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I can recommend They register domains and provide both hosting and email services. I pay $8.95/month and use it for two email accounts. Included anti-virus scan/anti-spam. If you want kinda bleeding edge with more features, there is BSD hosted and shell access via ssh/sftp. They have ~name accounts for $5 and regular for $10. Hosted in Quebec with uunet connection in Atlanta? Tom

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Most DSL providers tend to allow servers - if you know anyone with DSL, they might be able to host something for you for free. $4.95/mo is pretty cheap - the cheapest I've run across myself is $7-$10/month.