Opensource Forum Russia

One of the organizers of the []Opensource Forum Russia[/url] e-mailed me the following information about their upcoming conference:


The largest conference on Linux and open source in Russia and CIS countries

April 27- 29, 2005

Moscow, Radisson SAS Hotel


[*] John "maddog" Hall, Linux International
[*] Adam Jollans, IBM
[*] Richard Seibt, Novell
[*] Larry Wall, Perl
[*] David Axmark, MySQL
[*] Michael Sparks, BBC
[*] Francois Bancilhon, Mandrakesoft
[*] Alex Pinchev, RedHat
[*] Rob Page, Zope Corp.
[*] Sasha Laborey, JBoss
[*] Rich Bowen, Apache
[*] Russian open source and Linux gurus
[*] Representatives of Russian governmental bodies and large businesses


IBM, Novell, Kraftway, Hewlett Packard, SAP, ASPLinux

Media Partners:

Rambler, ComputerWorld, PCWeek


Over 600 conference participants
Over 3000 exhibition visitors
100+ media representatives


Linux City - open source technologies will be presented in a mini-city model

OpenSourceLive - free demozone for open source solutions and applications

You are very welcome to register at

They will do their best to help you with visas, transportation, and Russian accommodations.