[TAKEN] FREE: Pentium 100 / 48MB RAM / 1.5 GB HDD


FREE to a good home.

Pentium 100 Tower
- 48MB RAM
- 1.5 GB HDD
- Sound card
- PS/1 to PS/2 Keyboard Adapter
- Serial Mouse

Runs Windows NT Workstation/Server 4.0 Service Pack 5.

(I can include a 15" monitor and a keyboard for $15 if desired.)

IF YOU WANT THIS, please have some idea what you will do with it. With its present BIOS it will not boot up from the CD-ROM, so if you want to change the OS, a bios update, boot disk, or floppy drive based OS install will be required.

As a Linux system, this would be fine for command line based use, or as a router or a firewall.

I will gladly accept a donation for this item. All proceeds will go to www.savealab.com Labrador Rescue.

- T.