Announcement: CINLUG now accepting PayPal

CINLUG can now accept PayPal, or Master Card, Visa, Discover, AmEx through a PayPal secure transaction for donations, payments (possible future way to charge for Boot Camps), etc.

Check out the button in the Donation box to the left...

We are working on getting CINLUG 501c(3) Tax Exempt so your donations will be tax deductable, but as of today they are not. Sorry.


Re:Announcement: CINLUG now accepting PayPal

Thanks! We are incorporated. ... We have an EIN... all we need is to file the tax stuff. I think I have it filled out now, good to know the time frame thanks.

Re:Announcement: CINLUG now accepting PayPal

The first thing to do it try to find an attorney who will prepare the paperwork at no charge. I used an attorney here in Crawfordsville that does this type of work as a community service. I'm sure there are attorneys in Indy that do the same thing. You will have an Indiana fee for getting your articles of incorporation and then you'll have the federeal forms. I believe the IN fee was $30. My federal fee was $150 but I know there is a guideline where if you expect to receive more than X amount of dollars within a certain period, the fee becomes $500. Expect the actaul 501(c)3 approval to take 6-9 months once everything is submitted.

Hope that can get you started.

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Any advice you can give us on the 501(c)3 filing?

Re:Announcement: CINLUG now accepting PayPal

Good luck with the 501(c)3. I have mine for No Computer Left Behind, Inc. but the wheels of the Federal Government do turn sllooowww. :)