OO.o and Linux to the rescue!

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[quote="EvilGrinUK"]A presentation about [url=http://www.microsoft.com/resources/sharedsource/default.mspx]Shared Source (SSI)[/url] by the head of [url=http://www.microsoft.com/ukraine/]Microsoft Ukraine[/url] was almost ruined when the Windows machine (a Tablet PC) linked to the projector developed problems. The solution was to adopt [url=http://www.openoffice.org]OpenOffice.org 1.1.2[/url] and [url=http://www.altlinux.ru]ALT Linux Compact 2.3[/url], which was already running on the presenter's laptop (an IBM Thinkpad). Here's a [url=http://paq.osdn.org.ua.nyud.net:8090/~mike/img/MS-uses-OOo/hpim2544.sized.jpg]picture[/url].[/quote]


Re: OO.o and Linux to the rescue!

Also, the heat is on for M$...