Digital Server FS

[b]I have an old Digital Prioris server sitting around collecting dust. I'd like to get $150 out of it, but willing to negotiate or trade. Everything works, tested with NT 4.0 Server (no flames plz), RH 7 and 8. Email for details if interested. [/b]


Re:Digital Server FS

Anybody? I'm considering moving and I cant take this thing with me. This is one of those big servers, about 3 times the size of a large PC tower. Its not one of those little towers they call servers today. This one has all the high dollar parts.. with the current configuration, it sold for about $35,000 (yes, thirty five thousand) brand new.

I'll consider any reasonable offers or trades..

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Sorry, I'm not sure why my email isn't working. You can find the specs here and here Its an older one, but I used it up until a few months ago to host a couple sites that each get around 1000 hits per day and it kept up just fine.

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your email add doesn't seem to exist... interested.