Console Applications for the X-less

No X? Hate X? Laptop runs on coal? Here's a list of console apps I've compiled from various articles and discussions around the net. Some of these are included with distros, some not. Some are actively in development, some not. Feel free to make additions or comments. Audio: abcde (CD Ripper) lame (MP3 Encoder) Browsers: w3m elinks links lynx Editors: nano pico, joe, vi, vim, emacs Email: Mutt Pine File Sharing: bittornado bitTorrent giFTcurs FTP: ncftp lftp Games: Angband NetHack Seatris ToME Instant Messagers: centericq Micq LICQ naim pork bitlbee IRC: irssi BitchX Media Players: mplayer mpd mpg321 mp3blaster moosic orpheus RSS: snownews Utilities: GnuPG grep mc nmap [port scanner] Pal [calendar] screen wget