Bring a Friend

Hello, I'm new to CINLUG and may sign up for the Fall boot camp. In the event details, you say, "You may bring a friend." Does that mean I can bring my seven year old?

haha. Just kidding. Do you mean that my slacker friend Randy can observe without having to pay the low-low $60 registration fee? I'll make him pay for lunch...



I'm there there there!

I "registered" last night. Looking forward to a great time.

Re: Bring a Friend

Yes. $60 per "seat" or machine. We allow slacker friends within limits. No you can't bring your entire department, but if you have a friend (or significant other :wink: ) who'd like to look over your shoulder bring 'em along. Little kids may cause a distraction, but teenagers who have some computer interest might get something out of it. I guess we don't have a policy for friends eating lunch, but it'd be nice if they chipped in $5 or so for pizza and pop if they partake.