Old HD or Old Builds

Hey all. I'm looking for a couple of older Hard Drives (ideally something in the 10-20g range, but whatever works). I'm also looking for old builds, someone's old, crapped-out system (or most of a system) that I'm working on tinkering with and rebuilding.

I said in an earlier post that I'm just now getting started with CompTIA A+ and I need some serious hands on hardware tinkering to learn the ins and outs. Anything that anyone has I would be interested in, please shoot me a note or response, and I can list what I have that I'm more than happy to trade for. I have a few bits and pieces, but nothing awesome.

Thanks all.



I may have one...we'll have to see.

I have a 10G that I have Fedora Core 2 on right now. I was thinking about upgrading the box a bit and put the OS on a 20G or 40G. We'll see if I get the time. My daughter uses that one while I'm on my good one...and Core 2 on a P3 is good enough to connect to seasame street .org and play games. If I get around to upgrading it I'll bring it into the next meeting on Sept. 6. No guarantees though. Life with a toddler and a baby is no picnic, but it is fun. What might you have that I'd want? Email me at db@cinlug.org. I'm always interested in really really old stuff...like atari, trs80, etc.

Dave Brown