Intro & a few Qs

Hello all.

I'm Vince, a stark-raving NuB, and was pleasently surprised to find this group from the site.

1st distro was Slack (about 8 mo. ago), got hooked on KDE. A friend recommended Ubuntu, so I dual boot (w/ XP) on my laptop. (Added KDE over top just so I can get around.)

I'm looking to learn enough I can run XP under VMWare (I still have *that one* ap I still need Uncle Bill for...) and get my flash drive to behave itself.

The Unix Systems Support Group (USSG) at the IUPUI campus consists of three very overworked guys, so I feel kinda bad about asking any of them for personal time.

What I'm looking for is a bare-bones overview of how Unix is structured, and what the #e[[ most of the GNU commands actually mean. -Anyone willing to throw a NuB a bone once in a while would be appreciated.

Oh yeah, I'm VERY good at buying beer for my cohorts / gurus.



Linux Migration Guide

Free from IBM:

Linux Client Migration Cookbook, Version 2: A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide for Migrating to Desktop Linux
374 pages (5.8 MB Adobe pdf)

- T.

Linux Boot Camp

About twice a year CINLUG holds in depth training sessions called Linux Boot Camps. It sounds like our Boot Camp might be beneficial for you. We're still in the planning stages for our next boot camp - our website will be updated once we know more.

Linux Boot Camp


That's exactly what I needed to hear. So far, the Linux crowd has been extremely friendly & open, but too busy for instruction (I guess they're all busy being gainfully employed).

I'll keep my eyes open for the bootcamp info.


Am I an idiot? -Wait, you just gave me the answer to this one...

Starting Point


If you are a self-learner, you can check out:

This site has tons of links to FAQs, HOWTOs, Free Online Books, Etc.

Also up there at:

You can find actual Linux Online courseware for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced users.

I'd say download a LiveCD or LiveDVD distro like: or

And then take those courses and follow along with your Linux Live distro, so you can't possibly blow up your existing system. Then when you're ready to go full bore and delete your M$ partitions, you can attend a boot camp or just show up at a meeting and I'm sure there will be plenty of folks ready to show you how to use fdisk /dev/hda and blow away your NTFS and FAT32 partitions! HA!

P.S. If you are a paid member of CINLUG ($30/year) you can attend CINLUG events and boot camps at half price!