Several Goodies up for Trade (RAM, Cases, Bears, OH MY!)

PC100 64MB RAM Stick up for trade if anyone is interested.

Looking for 10-20GB HD (Doc, I haven't forgotten our semi-arrangement), KVM Switch (2 port is fine), updated Ubuntu manual (the actual publication), or a pint of Guinness. Other trades are open for negotiations!

I also have a spare mid-tower (completely empty, no power supply), a spare HP Pavillion (motherboard, CPU and power supply included, that's where I got the RAM from) that's pretty old and slow (I don't know the processor speed, I haven't even looked...), a spare 52X CD-ROM that I'm not using, a Cable Modem (I just switched to DSL but I already bought this modem), and a TON of spare Co-ax Cable (around 100-150ft in sections)


I'll take the cable modem!

I'll take your spare cable modem if you don't mind trading for the HD. I'd like to have a backup if required.

Dave Brown

Going once, going

Going once, going twice....

Sold to the strapping chap with the Penguin system!

Doc, I still have the other stuff I was going to bring to the meeting for you. I just need to get rid of it at this point, the Mrs. ain't so happy seeing it lying around!

Do I hear any takers for the others?