Hello All,

I have been messing around with Linux for about 2 years now and since I have some kind of an idea about the operating system I am planing on coming to the next meeting on Wednesday. I didn't know if you needed new individuals to RSVP. I just wanted to make a post to say hi and tell you that a new face will be at the meeting.




Don't forget the new meeting location is the Indianapolis Public Library at Glendale Mall! See you there!

Dave Brown

Yea I noticed that. I have

Yea I noticed that. I have been wanting to come to a meeting for some time now. I am still new at it and have a server in Chicago running Centos (no GUI) for game servers.


Well I had something that

Well I had something that had to get done at work so I couldn't make it. I hope I can make the one next month.