Grub uninstall?

I have dualboot on 2 HDDs, one XP, one Ubuntu. I need to swap out the Ubuntu HD, and make it into something else. However, as soon as I remove the drive, GRUB goes crazy and spits venom in my eyes, and I can't boot into anything. Do I need to uninstall GRUB? HELP!

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grub problem suggestion

Grub is probably looking to the /boot partition on that Ubuntu drive for the /boot/grub/menu.lst file. If it's not there...rut roh. If you really want to blow away Ubuntu, I'd do this. Just boot up your install disk and have it "erase all linux partitions" on the drive and just let it take care of reconfiguring grub for you and putting the chainloader line in to load your Windoz drive.

Dave Brown


Okay, next problem.

Turns out I don't have the option listed for "linux partitioning."

I'm booting off the LiveCD, so what is my next step? I'm about to pass this computer along to my wife and she doesn't like GRUB booting at all, so now I just need to kill it without destroying anything else. Any words for the ignant and less-edamacated?

What OS?

What OS does your wife want to run? If it's Windows, might help

Give it a shot

Thanks Michael, I'll give it a shot tonight. She wants to run WinXP (that's she's used to using).

Thank you guys again. As always you're AWESOM-O!

Round 3

Okay, round 3. Not only do I not have the options that the link suggested, but it already sees it as a bootable drive.

So any other suggestions? Voodoo magic? Witchcraft? Aztec Ritual Sacrifice?

Now, I do have an option, but it kind of scares me:

I can "delete" the Linux Partitioned Drive (my hd0) through Windoze XP - Disk Management. Now, if I do that, will my boot cycle fix to default only to the Windoze HD or will Grub stay in there somewhere only to never let me access my main HD?

Don't delete Linux partition yet

If you delete your linux partition, grub won't be able to read its files and you'll get a grub error. You need to get Windows XP to take over the boot sector. In Win9x, fdisk /mbr would do that. For XP, it's a different command. The link I posted was supposed to do the equivalent, but it seems the link was wrong. I'll search around and find the command you need to run before deleting your Linux partition.

Grub removal

Try the instructions from this site - it has a variety of different methods.

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Thanks Dave.

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