Trying to install Linux

I sent by mail for a CD of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper Drake version. Tried to repeatedly install without success. I tried going into setup and setting to boot by CD first, then looking for a file either named 'boot' or \dosutils\rawritewin from the CD by opening Win's Explorer, and could find neither file. How can I install Linux - I REALLY want to move to LINUX!!! Any & ALL HELP DEEPLY APPRECIATED...


Ubuntu LTS disk

What kind of computer do you have? Do you know how much memory (RAM) and hard disk space you have?

To install Ubuntu LTS you need to restart your computer with the CD in the drive. It will launch an environment where you can try out Ubuntu and can install it to your hard drive if you wish. If you don't want to save anything currently on your computer, you can replace your current operating system with Ubuntu. If you do want to save your data, there are further instructions that can be provided depending on how your computer is currently setup.

Trying to install Linux

Nancy Lawson
I have a hp pavilion a465w with 512 MB of RAM 160 GB HD.
I did all that; the problem was it froze - wouldn't let me move my mouse. I wanted to erase windows and just install Ubuntu Linux. Can you give me step by step instructions on how to go in and set to boot from CD - maybe I didn't do something right there. I have listed : First a floppy, then second HD then third CD - what exact order should I put them in? Then the book said to look for those files, and I couldn't find them listed either. Thanks SO.. much for replying to my ?'s

Boot order

Try changing the boot order to floppy, CD, HD.

Installing Linux

I would like to point out that our meetings are now at the library, so if you wish to bring your equipment into the meeting you can get the gurus to help you. I would hope we have a regular meeting agenda item that could be a q/a or help session if necessary. Also, note that Ubuntu should work on most hardware...older versions I had some problems with a machine that had i810 video on the cpu, with an NVidia add-on card. It was an old Dell, and I think Ubuntu works properly and finds the Nvidia card and not just the i810 onboard one.

Dave Brown