luna browser is empty. Expands to Can't find the Sourceforge project for this. Is it dead? TomL, I believe you said this was your favorite browser?



According to Sourceforge, that luna is a new high level and extendable language for the .net framework. What does that have to do with a browser?

Yeah, I noticed that. Maybe I wrote this down wrong from Tom's talk on samba. Thought it was his favorite smb browser.

Are the pres. notes going to be posted on the education site soon? I'd like to see his .conf files posted as well.


Samba presentation

I just posted the presentation and config files here.

My name is Luma

...I live on the second floor...

According to the resources slide, the browser is called Luma, not Luna. Also, according to the Luma site, it's an LDAP browser, not an SMB browser.