Realtek 8101L problems

I've got an Intel D101GGCL motherboard with an onboard Realtek 8101L lan. It seems to not want to work with my DSL modem. I've tried connecting a DLink switch in-between, but DHCP still fails. Otherwise lights look good, etc. My original machine works fine even with the switch (also shows up as a Realtek 8139 w/ lspci). (only one machine at a time, of course) I tried both Debian Testing and Mepis 3.3. Linux thinks it's a RTL-8139 equivalent. Any ideas how I can get this to work? Does the 8101L require a different module than 8139too?

I installed debian testing with a 3com hub at the time.



Realtek 8101L problems

Just thought I'd add that it does the dhcp-discover, but doesn't get any responses. I can see the lights flicker as the packets go to the modem. I don't have a router in the middle as I'm only using one computer on the line.

I'll get a cheap pci network card (most seem 8139 based) and see if that works better. Disappointing that Intel had to use an odd one. I'd rather they put their own Pro/100 interface on the motherboard.

The whole mystery hardware thing really annoys me. Course Intel isn't shy about saying what is on this mobo, but how am I to know there is a kernel driver to match? Maybe if Dell starts putting a Designed for Linux sticker on things, we can get some traction in this area. It's a start.



If you post your lspci and lspci -n output I can see what I can find out. From it looks like Ubuntu 6.10 works fine on it so I'd assume a modern kernel would work fine.

hardware fine, software problem

Well, I cheated a bit and tried using the current dhcp addresses from my other computer as a static address for the new one. It worked! So, the hardware driver was fine - this was a dhcp issue of some sort.

While I had the connection, I updated my system (update-manager dumped in 300 some MB).

Now it boots and uses dhcp just fine. Installed this system from a debian-installer RC1 daily. Maybe dhcp had problems at that point. They are on RC2 now.

My next fun will be getting my new 3Ware 9650SE-2pl Sata raid controller working with my two 300GB sata drives (booting from 100GB eide drive). I'll probably have to compile that from source unless I want to compile a 2.6.19 or higher kernel.


debian etch
ultraproducts UltraBox
D101GGCL motherboard
Pentium 4 531 3GHz 800FSB LGA775
X1 PCI-e
X16 PCI-e
2-PCI slots
Bought at Frys and assembled it myself.
Realtek 8101L (8139too equiv)

cabling issue?

I've had DHCP issues with bad cables, although since it worked with a static address, that may rule out a bad cable.

Etch dhcp problems

Still having problems with this same mobo not getting a proper ip from Verizon's DSL. DHCP gives messages like it is trying and the lights are blinking. No luck even with putting in a separate NIC card. I tried Knoppix 3.1 (older version) and it chokes even on 'failsafe'.

So I guess this mobo needs the later kernel that etch has, but the networking problem makes it tough to work with the machine.

Oh, yeah. If I take the ip info obtained by dhcp from my other sarge-based machine (I don't run them simultaneously) and put it in as static info, the network works fine.


Intel mobos

Some newer intel motherboards have NICs that aren't supported by some (most?) Linux distros. On one of the machines I used to use that had a fairly new intel mobo, I ended up added a Netgear NIC to it since the onboard one wasn't recognize properly.

Intel mobo dhcp problem

I've put another net card in this mobo and it does the same thing. static ip works fine, dhcp fails. Other was the onboard.

from lspci...
03:03.0 Ethernet controller: National Semiconductor Corporation DP83815 (MacPhyter) Ethernet Controller

from uname -a... (etch)
Linux tmcstorage 2.6.18-4-686 #1 SMP Mon Mar 26 17:17:36 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux

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Oops, it's now 12:15 AM. The network ip I had no longer works (static). I switched over to dhcp and it instantly got a valid ip! Is there a setting somewhere that's wrong?

Man, this is spooky!

intel mobo dhcp problem

Ok. I think this has more to do with the server side/dsl modem than anything. They must cache the mac address from the machine that submits and won't release before the lease times out. Just confirmed that the same thing happens with my other PC once the intel mobo has a lease.

Guess it's time to either buy a linksys or make a router. Thought it would be more dynamic than this.

Makes sense

That makes sense. I know cable modems tend to cache MAC addresses - it doesn't surprise me that DSL modems would do the same thing.