Upgrade or Overwrite?

I just downloaded SuSE SLES 10 for my home server. Now the question is, 'should I just reinstall and overwrite my SLES 9 server, or is there a way to upgrade the server without wiping out everything I've built in the last year and a half?

UPDATE - I Just answered my own question. This was the first time I had ever tried to upgrade a version. It went pretty smooth. For those of you who have never done an upgrade, I just inserted CD #1 and booted the machine. It detected the previous installation and asked me what to do at boot up. I chose the Installation option and upgraded my existing install. There were some minor things to be reset like my screen background, but so far I'm satisfied with the results. Next step is to load the Lotus Domino 8 Beta server and see what happens.


Upgrade or Overwrite?

As you now know SUSE lets you "pick and choose" during an OS (Operating System) version migration. I have been a SUN Solaris Systems Admin for years and SUSE 7.3 for SPARC was my first experience with the SUSE Linux... I loaded the CD and "hit" install, the server rebooted and has been running for five (5) years without an issue.

Last summer I migrated my Windows system to openSUSE 10.1, I am not sure why I waited for so long! I am currently running the developement version of the openSUSE 10.3 and have had very few issues If there have been issues, many of them were of my own mistakes...

In the migration from my openSUSE 10.1 to openSUSE 10.2, I corrected some of the problems in the openSUSE 10.1 install. This was mainly the way I had the file systems laid out and their sizes.

Like you, I wanted to upgrade, but not loose what I had in my working directory... I did a "clean" install on the OS -- while preserving my home file system. The migration was easy and seamless...

Now, I have the development distribution sight listed in my sources through YaST. The updates can be done daily if I choose :-)

If I have an issue with an updated module, it is usually fixed the next day!

The Windows side of the world was never this stable!

Have fun and good luck to you!

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I was going to say "try the upgrade"...

I was going to say try it, but I have seen how upgrades in Fedora don't work like you'd expect. Did you feel like you were talking to a brick wall when nobody replied? Hello? Is there anybody reading this?

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I'm reading it and chuckling. Debian and Debian derived distributions have had in place upgrades for years :)