IPV6 woes on debian Etch

I think at least part of my network troubles at the library are due to Etch turning on ipv6 by default. Just installed in on a machine at work and DNS lookups went in the dumper.

I've added ipv6 and net-pf-10 (its alias) in the blacklist file in /etc/modprobe.d/ and rebooted. Checking lsmod, ipv6 is no longer loaded. However, it is still not as snappy as the 2.6.9 version of Sarge I normally run.

Any more ideas on how to get internet browsing to work better? I've already tried the firefox about:config suggestions on pipelining, etc. Still not as fast. What happened to 2.6.18? (Glad I put Etch on a different partition rather than wiping out Sarge)





IPv6 shouldn't matter if you're not being assigned an IPv6 address. The Library either has an overloaded or otherwise poor internet connection - I wouldn't use it as a comparison point.