Is this only for other people?

Is this only for other people who have lots of time to read a lot of pages in the hard copy manuals?

Is this only for other people who enjoy browsing man pages?

Is this only for other people who like the challenge of finding out a new way of doing something when their real work has a deadline of tomorrow?

Is this only for other people who can personally plead their case for your help by attending CINLUG meetings?

I started w/ RH 8 or was it 7? Moved on to some incarnation of Fedora and felt I had lost the support I had w/ RH. No sound in either case!

I moved on to SuSe 9 and then 10, neither of which gave me sound. I think someone in CINLUG once answered my request for help w/ the sound. I tried to follow their suggestions and it didn't help. Since then, I've been able to run 10.0 in AMD64, and I've gotten used to working w/o being able to listen to music.

I tried Xandros which was supposed to be the perfect Windoze replacement. Again, no sound. Also, the system ran noticably slower. (b.t.w., I do have sound when I run Windoze.)

I heard Ubuntu was billed as "Linux for human beings." Recently tried installing the AMD64 version in text mode, and I got the message, "Video not supported".

I'm running dual core AMD 64 XP 3800+. My soundcard is a Creative Labs SB0312 Audigy LS and my video card is an NVidia 6600. I'm trying to run XP, SuSe, and Ubuntu 64 on removable drives.

The shop I bought the box & components from doesn't have anyone on staff who is Linux fluent. I have a day job and don't have much time to try this and if it doesn't work, try that, and if it doesn't work, etc. Further, in trying to install the Ubuntu, I almost prevented access to my SuSe drive by installing the grub over the existing SuSe grub.

I really dislike using MS products and I'm attracted to the Linux philosophy. However, I have run into some techno elitism. "If you don't take the time to read the manuals, don't expect anyone to help you!"

In my day job, I try to help people w/ their relationship w/ God and w/ each other. Pretty much, I have to take people the way they are, and work w/ what they bring to the table. I spend a lot of time on the computer trying to meet deadlines and I don't have a lot of time to try to figure out how to do something that younger and more technically oriented people find easy.

I really need some help beyond "go into the config file and change this comment to ..." Perhaps I'll be able to get to CINLUG meetings after the Easter season, but I'd like to get some help before then.

Since I use my computer for my work, I think it would be best if I started doing the Linux stuff on a different computer. That way, I wouldn't be jeopardizing access to critical data. So I'm willing to start w/ suggestions for a new computer that everyone agrees works great w/ distro ABC, or this other one that works better with distro XYZ.

Also, I'm quite willing to take the existing box to you if you think the problems w/ sound or video are something that can be easily fixed from the command line. The box and I can travel!

The sysadmin is going to be changing my email address for me, but in case that doesn't happen before you reply, please send your suggestions, help, condolences, etc. to

B.t.w., I'm getting close to retirement age so that probably explains a lot of my problems. But is this Linux stuff only for other people?

I will be looking forward to hearing from my Linux friends.