Linux at the Indy 500

Bob Moore, a Linux Administrator, enthusiast and Advocate, knows an opportunity when he sees one. Being a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and an avid fan of Indy-style racing, Bob has seen first-hand the impact that sponsorship can have on a product or service. According to Bob, "What we are talking about is a targeted marketing effort, covered by world-wide press, lasting for the entire month of May. This is a community effort to push Linux into living rooms across the globe. We are looking to do something big, something that has never been done before." Bob has set up the website for the purpose of gaining Linux sponsorship with an Indy Race Team. Having succeeded at that, he has put everything together for us. Now all we have to do is make it happen. With several "levels" of sponsorship, the funds raised to get this done may seem like a lot, but with the number of Linux Users world-wide and the help of the Boxed Set Retail Distros, this should not be a difficult goal to achieve. Donation funds and all news pertaining to those funds will have full transparency via a community web page. Editors from top Linux News Sites will have access to the full data structure of this effort. This way the community is assured that all funds go where they say they are going to go. Go take a look, talk amongst yourselves and then let's get this thing done. Linux Community...Let's go Racing!



shutdown -h now.....

Too bad for tux, but he was the first one out of the race...

Bill Gates Conspiracy????

Did Bill Gates cause this car to wreck???
Hmmmm...heck if they can say the government blew up the trade center, could this be a conspiracy too?

Dave Brown

Dave, I don't know if Bill


I don't know if Bill Gates caused the car to crash, but I think he said the car violated at least 37 Microsoft patents ;-)

Roger Hintz
Haverstick Consulting, Inc.
11405 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 210
Carmel, IN 46032

Roger, Are these the patents


Are these the patents originally obtained under suspicious circumstances from Xerox and Sun Microsystems? :)

(Should I really admit I'm old enough to remember this?)



A real conspiracy would have totaled the car. As I understand it, another driver will be driving the car instead of Gregoire.

Stephan Gregoire injured in practice crash

Stephan Gregoire injured in practice crash

Stephan Gregoire turned the fastest lap of the drivers yet to qualify for the Indianapolis 500, then fractured a bone in his back in a mid-afternoon accident at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The first-turn crash came just four laps after he ran a lap of 217.851 mph.

Dave Brown

I paid my 5 bucks.

I put 5 bucks in...for my XTERMINUX LINUX (a FEDORA CORE live CD) by DAVID BROWN

I'd better win the ride in the Indy Car dangit!

P.S. I just want to be able to buy a toy car with Tux on it for my boy!

Dave Brown