Ubuntu on Laptop

I just installed Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn over my initial attempt with OpenSuSE 10.2.

It runs much faster out of the box, and my wireless works without a hitch.

I don't know what the deal with OpenSuSE was, but everytime I booted, it would take forever to bring up the wireless using the madwifi driver...and sometimes it wouldn't work. Until I disabled wireless the mouse would jump around the screen when trying to move it, and I'm not sure it was the wifi or the other crazy processes that were always running.

Freaking beagle would start going berserk as well as other crazyness from cron.daily. ZDM update manager and all kinds of other stuff I don't need to run.

Rather than try and delve into tuning my system and weeding out the chaff, since I didn't have much time invested, I just punted and installed the latest Ubuntu...when I finally was able to download it after the mad rush on the Ubuntu servers.

Needless to say I had it back up in just a couple hours and like I said it runs much faster and smoother...heck XGL even works on it! It is only a 1.2 GHz P3, with 256M RAM. The graphics card is an i830 and the network is a d-link dwl-650g.

Just thought I'd post a relative success and ding OpenSuSE a bit. Seems like SuSE is getting a bit bloated like some other unamed OS we know and love.