Know where I can get a Mars rover?

I'm serious! We have a crawlspace that was architected by Salvador Dali. There is a maze of ducts that make crawl-navigation difficult, and expensive! We've had several plumbing events, heating/cooling events, and we get charged an extra charge for the crawl. We try to do a check now and then for H2O leaks, etc, but couple times missed some serious ones. My wife said yesterday, "We need a Mars rover." I think she's right. Some small robotic all-terrain vehicle with video cam, so we can inspect frequently. Is anyone into robotics? (Best if it runs on linux, of course, just like the original Mars rover :-)




Fry's sells all sorts of RC toys that would probably work for you if you attached a wireless camera (which they probably also sell). Not as cool as a robot (which they may sell - I haven't looked) but should get the job done.


Doh! I hadn't even thought of Fry's, good idea. I googled around, lots of things going on out there in robotland, but I have other fish to fry (no pun intended) so didn't want to get too buried in development. Something that already works would be nice, or something that I could at least bolt on a camera. Thanks for the idea.

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