Oracle question

This isn't a linux question, but I know there are Oracle users and admins in our group.

Anyone know how I can connect an hp-ux 10.2 machine as a client to Oracle 10g? I need to run a stored procedure and get real time results back.

No, upgrading to hp-ux 11.0 is not an option. Runs on an hp B180L.




You may be able to install Oracle client software on the HPUX machine and connect to the database remotely with sqlplus.


I've found InstantClient software for pa-risc 32 bit on the Oracle website. Not sure what part of it is required to connect directly. It has versions for Sql*Plus.

Also found odbc software third-party, but it requires hp-ux 11.0. :(

A command line interface would even be ok. Am already using TclPro with firebird's isql, but our main business data is now on Oracle.


web interface?

Could you interface with Oragle 10g through the web? i.e. install apache on the database machine and serve up stuff to the HP that way?

Dave Brown


Might be able to use python 1.5.2 as some kind of socket client and move query results back that way. I do have a working copy of python on this machine.