Am I the only one afraid?

Micro$oft yet again wants Yahoo, only this time Yahoo isn't in much of a position (except philosophically) to say, "no."

This wouldn't be much of an issue (for me) except that I thought SBC's partnership w/ Yahoo was unnecessary at best. SBC's takeover by AT&T was insidious at best, and now the Evil Empire wants to be the guy schtupping the newly-reincarnated Ma Bell.

We staved off their hijacking of HTML w/ XML / XHTML, but in the position they're jockeying for, they could roll that back as the standard markup language and try again.

...or am I just paranoid?



Brilliant descriptions

Thanks Michael. Very interesting (and funny).

Now Micro$oft is in the sack with Ford & their voice-activated stuff. Let's hope it stays entertainment-related.


AT&T didn't take over SBC,

AT&T didn't take over SBC, it was the other way around. SBC bought AT&T then changed their name to AT&T. is Stephen Colbert's explanation of "the new at&t" :) You're right to be paranoid though.