Multi-system compatible mice

Anyone have a recommendation for a PS-2 mouse that works well with Linux or windohs? I have both systems running on separate boxes, connected with an inline KVM switch. I've tried USB => PS2 converters (the little green adapters), but seem to lose the mouse on Linux when I go that route.

I also play World Golf Tour (online game at and would lke to get something higher performance than the standard "comes-with-the-system" mouse.

I checked Best Buy but they mostly carried Logitech, which sucks when it comes to Linux support.



Thanks guys. I bought a

Thanks guys. I bought a PS-2 mouse at Fry's for about $8.00. We'll see if it helps.

mongo only pawn

Hi Roger, good to hear from you. I have had the exact same problem you might be having with the KVM switches and USB mice. My problem was the kvm switch was going into a laptop docking station and it just wasn't working right on a Windows laptop. I haven't had any problems with Linux and the KVM switches, but I have noticed that those PS/2 to USB adapters suck rocks. I'd just get a PS/2 Mouse if that's the connector type your KVM switch has.

Any real PS/2 mouse should work

I haven't had any problem with Logitech mice but have noticed that USB to PS/2 convertors don't work well with PS/2 KVM's. I did recently pick up a USB KVM at Fry's for a decent price (about $60 for a 4 port USB KVM with cables iirc).