Asterisk For Dummies Questions


The company I work for has been paying for voice and dsl for remote workers, but announced they are handing over that opportunity to the workers. We are all thrilled at that.

So, asterisk dummie question #1, can I use asterisk to set up my own private phone company? That is, can I get DSL or cable for internet service, and use asterisk to do my local and long distance phone service directly, or even with asterisk do I still need to pay and pay and pay some company monthly to talk between asterisk and the phone network?

Question #2 If I can just use asterisk, what other hardware beyond just the pc would I need?

Question #3 Do ATT or Comcast block whatever port asterisk might use to try to herd people into paying the tax to use their voip?

BTW, when I lived in Forth Worth, Texas I paid $40 per month for basic extended cable tv AND internet. That's not $40 each, that's $40 for both! Evidently, there is actual competition there.




CINLUG is planning an asterisk boot camp for the near future - you may find it helpful to attend.

1. You'd have to pay someone if you want to talk to the standard telephone network. If you're only making asterisk to asterisk calls, I imagine you could just use your asterisk system without additional monthly costs.

2. You'd need hardware based phones (or softphones) and cards to connect to the telephone network (unless you go VOIP only).

3. Not that I'm aware of