Linux Administrator

Title: Linux Administrator

Salary Range: $75,000 – 85,000

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana – West Side

Education: Bachelor degree in computer technology or equivalent experience required.

Company: If you’re someone who likes to see people really use your software in lot of different ways, enjoy contributing to the open source community, enjoy parallel computing and desire to be on the cutting edge of embedding the future – then you will want to join us. We are merging right now with rapidly growing revenues and bringing new products to market that are going to be talked about nationally and some day internationally. For someone who is just now joining our company you will be able to get on top of a Rocket and ride it.
People who thrive here are at the top of their game, love technology, live in the future, want to constantly learn, want to use the very best techniques, are leaders in their field and have a passion for being the absolute best in the industry. If this describes you, then you will find that we are the place you want to be. Combine this with excellent benefits, fantastic work environment and a flexible work schedule and you will find an ideal environment to continue your career.


Key Skills – Linux Administrator

Ability to configure Racks and Hardware

Ability to Configure and Design Servers

Customer Facing Skills

Ability to communicate and not be intimidated with technical people from fortune 500 Companies.

Ability to work in a hostile environment

Can understand Acronyms

Current knowledge of Security Issues

Able to create confidence with the Client

Up to 25% of time spent on Network related issues

Up to 25% of time spent with communicating with Customer

Must be able to add value to the company for the other 50% of the position. This can include doing development in Java, working with the marketing team or doing research. We are open to finding out how your existing skills can benefit our company.

For more information, Contact Tony Derscheid at Tridge Alliance:

Office: 317.536.5089 Ext:107

Fax: 1-866-923-9974