Unisys position

Available and interested candidates should contact Valerie Cummo at
Valerie.Cummo@unisys.com or 407-859-4230.

Incident Management (40%)

Responsibilities include the restoration of normal service operation as
quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the business, thus
ensuring that the best achievable levels of availability and service are

* Monitoring the trouble ticket and change request queues.
* Incident detection and recording
* Classification of all incidents
* Investigation and diagnosis
* Resolution and recovery (Service restoration)
* Incident follow-up and closure
* Incident ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication

Problem Management (40%)

Responsible for minimizing the effect on the business of Incidents and
Problems causes by errors in the infrastructure and proactively prevent
the occurrence of these Incidents, Problems and errors.

* Problem identification, classification and recording
* Problem investigation and diagnosis (including escalation to
area SMEs as well as applicable vendor (i.e. SUN Microsystems, IBM, Dell
and HP)
* Error identification, assessment and recording
* Record and communicate error resolution
* Ensure error closure
* Monitoring resolution progress
* Assistance with handling of major Incidents
* Responsible for requests for change (Develop plans to remediate
service interruptions and support trends where applicable following
Change Management procedures).
* Maintain monitoring and notification services with peer teams
* Service improvement initiatives (i.e. Performance tuning, health
check of hardware and software, etc)

Communication (15%)

* Consult and interact with area subject matter experts (SMEs) and
other resources as needed.
* Provide documentation as required by the business area for
quality validation, training, FAQ content, presentations, etc.
* Communicate issues and solutions that may impact the UNIX team
and/or customers.
* Provide monthly accomplishments report to supervisor to be used
to report team accomplishments and for the performance management
* Report indicators of missing deadlines.
* Coordinate with validation coordinator and SME's on associated

Innovation/Creativity (5%)

* Demonstrate a high degree of independent creativity in
performing tasks by identifying, proposing and implementing streamlining
activities to reshape processes.
* Provide suggestions for process improvements and/or new ways to
handle tasks
* Apply knowledge to evaluate situations and build/manage checks
to ensure processes are followed.


* Solaris 7, 8, 9, 10 experience
* HP-UX 10.20 - 11.x experience
* RedHat Enterprise Linux (Workstation or Advanced Server)
* NIS knowledge
* LDAP knowledge
* Sun hardware knowledge (Enterprise class systems knowledge
* Veritas technologies knowledge (filesystem, storage)
* Knowledge of command line editors (vi, etc.)
* Strong written and verbal communication skills
* Quality focused
* Detail oriented
* Good interpersonal skills / ability to work in team environment.

* Self-Management - Ability to work independently and prioritize
* Strong UNIX skills
* Experience with Veritas Volume Manager & Veritas File System
* Experience with Veritas High Availability products
* Be flexible when priorities change
* Be able to handle multiple tasks


5+ Years Relevant Experience Required


* LINUX Certification a plus
* Solaris Certification a plus
* HP-UX Certification a plus