Laptop recommendations?

I'm in the market for a new laptop. Through my employer I have access to some deals with vendors: Lenova, HP, Dell for a few weeks, so it would be nice if I could find something along those lines that work with Linux without too much fiddling (as in, things work out of the box). I've searched sites like, but it seems the sales I have access to don't include older machines, and the linux laptop sites don't yet have reports on the newer stuff.

I'm looking for large screen (16 - 17"), good battery life (3 - 4+ hrs). I want take along on photo shoots and interviews, dump photos and mp3's to the laptop, and do some graphics and sound manipulation.

Does anyone have experience with any newer machines that might fill the bill?



I couldn't give you any specific model numbers. Broadcom wireless chipsets are a PITA, try to get Intel wireless if you're buying OEM. Also Linux doesn't have great support for Wireless-N. Outside of that, Linux should support common configurations.

You should probably decide what distro you plan on using the most, then checking out the forums for that particular distro and see what users there recommend or what common problems they might have that would affect your choice.

laptop recommendations

I guess this is a little late for this user but I have an HP EliteBook 6930p that works perfectly with Ubuntu 9.04.
Also in the past I have had excellent luck with IBM ThinkPads (now Lenovo).

You could always take a Ubuntu liveCD to the store and ask them if you can boot it up to see if it detects all the hardware.

Laptop recommendation

I've got a Dell Latitude D630 for work - I've got the extended battery and a second battery that fits in the multibay (I can either put my DVD burner or the battery in the bay). I get 4+ hours battery life in Linux but it's only got a 14" widescreen.

I haven't looked into larger laptops since I don't like lugging around a heavy laptop.

My laptop has a Centrino setup (Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel wireless) that's well supported in Linux. I'd stay away from Broadcom wireless since they tend to be less well supported under Linux. I've also got a dedicated Nvidia graphics card (i.e. its memory isn't shared with the system RAM).

I've heard good things about Lenovo and HP laptops as well but don't have specific experience with them recently. I do know that HP's business class laptops tend to work very well with Linux. Business class laptops tend to work better than the consumer grade laptops in general.