Thoughts On Canned Presentations

Hi there.  After seeing Michael's announcement about next week's CINLUG meeting, I remembered that I wanted to write to you all after my presentation at August's meeting.
1st, thank you for attending; I hope you all got something out of it.
I wanted to ask what you thought of the presentation format.  Did you mind having a mostly canned presentation?  I tried to make it not-so-completely canned by doing the demo of KVM along with the recorded Red Hat webinar on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV).  Was the balance good?
Also, what did you think of the topic of the canned presentation?  I picked a Red Hat webinar that was light on marketing and filled with technical info and a solid demo.  But I can see where many people might not be interested in learning about a commercial product and would rather have topics on a more pure open-source technology or at least available-to-all-without-paying-thousands-of-dollars product.  Since my employer is a Red Hat shop, I found that RHEV webinar to be interesting... but did people who don't use Linux (or maybe just Red Hat) at work?  How desirable are presentations on enterprise-level products versus stuff we all can use `at home`.
I ask because there will likely be other Red Hat webinars that I could get permission to re-show at CINLUG.  I'm sure the upcoming release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 will have its own webinar showing off its new features.  But if having a pre-recorded `speaker` at meetings isn't engaging, or if the topic is too commercial, then I'd want to know.  Just curious!
See you all next week!



Thanks Bernie!  We have had numerous interesting and informative presentations this year so far and yours was one of them!

Re: canned presentations

I don't mind canned presentations or commercial software, especially if the presentation is a way to demonstrate the software without requiring much effort to learn about the product.  For example, despite both of our employers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, neither of us were able to obtain Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization but with the canned presentation we were still able to learn about it, perhaps better than data sheets and websites alone.