LINUX Bootcamp Event

I would like to personally thank CINLUG, Kim Brand & Computer Experts, as well as Virtual Scavengers for hosting this event.

More events like this are MANDATORY IMHO. Install-fests are nice, but handing a user a new system w/o any training or support is just BEGGING them to reformat and go running back to Windows.

Can I get a 'Yeah, Brotha!' ?

Next question is, what topics should be covered? Any ideas? Beuler? Beuler? Anyone?


Re:LINUX Bootcamp Event

I would be interested in a programming boot camp, specifically in using CVS or even other version control software.

Re:LINUX Bootcamp Event

I thought the bootcamp went very well. Thank you Kim and Comp. Experts!

I think we are planning on doing at least an installfest this year, but would it be possible to come up with a Linux Programming bootcamp? Where experts could give sequential presentations and possibly teach a few "hello" world or better programs in various languages? Possibly also talk about CVS and open source development?

I have some strength in CVS, C, Unix shell scripts, X/Motif, and GUI builders: Glade, Qtopia.
I also have some experience in Perl, Java, Javascript, and MySQL. Maybe not enough to lead a discussion, but it might be possible to throw a 2-day (4 hours each) class together on say 3-4 languages per day.

Anyone else think it'd be good or have wants about certain programming topics?


Format of the *fest

The Bootcamp was setup as an in depth traning session spread across three Saturdays, complete with handouts and a fairly structured class type environment. Given the success of the first bootcamp, I can definitely see us holding bootcamps in the future.

Installfests are typically less structured - you bring in your machine and get help installing Linux but there's no set structure. The [url=]Nashville Linux Users Group[/url] has what they call Tweakfests - which are basically get togethers where you can get Linux installed or get help with problems you have with your Linux box. Would there be any interest in something along those lines? The CINLUG BOD is/was considering holding an installfest in the next month or two but if there's a desire for something different, we'd like to get feedback to help us provide what is most beneficial to the community.

Re:LINUX Bootcamp Event

I didn't attend, however I can easily agree. When I was a new user if I didn't have someone to goto for help I wouldn't be using Linux any more.